DG-VET Toolbox

Cooperation Platform (1)

This document serves as a comprehensive guide designed to support the development of marketable digital and green skills among NEET youth, particularly from rural areas. Readers will be able to explore each section methodically, beginning with the E2E PLATFORM’, which illustrates platform navigation, essential for accessing and utilizing learning resources. 

The sections on ‘Posting a Job’ and ‘Finding a Job’ offer guidance for interacting with job opportunities, vital for career advancement in the digital and green sectors. Explore ‘Using the Networking Area’ and ‘Managing Your Profile’ to understand the importance of online networking and profile management in professional development. 

‘Accessing Training Material’ provides systematic instructions for engaging with the educational content, crucial for skill acquisition. The document also encompasses innovative training materials and methodologies, presenting insights into effective program implementation. 

In conclusion we have incorporated ‘Policy Briefs’, offering strategic perspectives for promoting and sustaining educational initiatives, important for addressing broader economic and global challenges.

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Teacher and Leaders in VET

This document  explores the critical role of teachers and leaders in the realm of Vocational Education and Training (VET). The paper delves into the multifaceted responsibilities of educators and administrators within the VET sector, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the future workforce.