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Cooperation Platform

Enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching through active engagement and meaningful student collaboration.

Welcome to the DG-VET cooperation platform!

In order to enhance and improve significant elements of the project’s successful implementation, such as sustainability, transferability and accessibility to the project’s results, we developed an interactive e-learning platform, with an attractive & creative layout that will ensure a user-friendly environment.

This platform is designed for:

  • Companies
  • Students and graduates
  • Workers
  • VET providers (schools and universities)
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Institutions

What you can achieve on the platform:

  • If you’re a company or an entrepreneur: you can post job openings and internships, explore collaborations with educational and research institutions.
  • If you’re a student, graduate, or working professional: you can search for internships and job opportunities, establish connections with businesses, and discover education and training prospects.
  • If you’re an education provider or an educator: you have the ability to showcase your education and training offerings, promote events, and engage with other schools, institutions, companies, and entrepreneurs for collaborative projects.
  • If you’re an institution: you can connect with fellow stakeholders in the fashion industry to share best practices and innovative ideas.”