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Module 1: “Introduction to Agriculture 4.0”

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Course Overview:

Welcome to the “Introduction to Agriculture 4.0” course. In this module, we will delve into the fascinating world of Agriculture 4.0, offering a comprehensive insight into this field. We will explore essential topics such as key concepts, target areas, and the remarkable evolution from Agriculture 1.0 to cutting-edge Agriculture 4.0.


Why study Agriculture 4.0?

Agriculture 4.0 represents a pivotal approach to modern farming and sustainable agriculture. It seamlessly merges traditional agricultural practices with the ever-advancing realm of digital technology. This synergy between age-old wisdom and modern innovation is revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. By the end of this module, you will possess a profound understanding of Agriculture 4.0, enriching your knowledge of the latest farming and crop-growing methodologies.


How We’ll Learn:

Our course materials will be presented through engaging video sessions, supplemented by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) instructor who will elucidate each concept in depth. This interactive approach aims to make your learning experience both informative and enjoyable. To further enhance your understanding, you will have access to practice lectures at the conclusion of each lesson.


What You Will Learn:

Throughout this module, you will acquire a wealth of indispensable knowledge regarding Agriculture 4.0. We will explore its origins, the diverse domains in which it has been implemented, the numerous advantages of adopting smart farming practices, and the noteworthy European initiatives currently in progress. This comprehensive exploration will equip you with valuable insights into the future of agriculture.


Are you ready to embark on this enlightening journey? Let’s get started!


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Course Content

Introduction to Agriculture 4.0
Understand the fundamentals of Agriculture 4.0. The training material will provide young and female NEETs with a package of digital learning resources designed based on the concept of micro-learning: short and coherent learning nuggets delivered in multimedia formats aiming to promote blended learning methodologies. The digital learning nuggets will include a variety of resources such as interactive games, podcasts, e-learning videos, interactive case studies, infographic resources, etc.

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